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Our Philosophy

We’re passionate about creating good food. Food that’s not only healthy and delicious, but also good for our bodies, good for our environment and good for the soul. So when it comes to our food, local, seasonal and sustainable is the only way!

You see, the food choices we make have a significant impact on the environment – which, when you’re surrounded by the beauty of the Nelson landscape is something, we believe, that everyone should be passionate about.

The simple truth is, regardless of your thoughts on farming methods and sustainability, there’s literally nothing like the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables at their seasonal best.

There’s something so good about eating food that’s just been picked. It tastes better, it’s better value and of course it’s a better deal for the planet.

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Our Ingredients

We’re immensely lucky in Nelson to be surrounded by rich farmland, forest and the ocean – and even luckier to be able to source much of our food locally from this beautiful environment.

Whether it’s succulent grass-fed lamb from one of our local farms, a crisp white wine from grapes grown in a nearby valley, or fruit and veggies picked straight from local market gardens, the Nelson region is an exceptional place to be alive (and a chef).

Freshly baked every day

About Us

We love good food

Our Story

Success in this industry is so much more than just providing great food, it’s about the experience you offer and how you make people feel. And having grown up in the industry, it’s something you could say is in our blood. When we were kids, if you wanted pocket money you had to wait tables for it, so it’s ingrained in us, and we just love it!

We love people, we love creating great food and most of all we love our River Kitchen!

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